All 1:1 sessions are $170 and run for 45-minutes. Sessions are billed at the end of each month and payable by check or cash. Payment is due within 15 days of invoice date and late payments are subject to a $50 fee. Checks should be made payable to ChatterboxNYC.

ChatterboxNYC does not accept insurance, but your invoices will include the necessary coding to submit out-of-network claims.


When your child is sick, his/her performance in speech therapy is often not optimal, and in turn, less beneficial. Therefore, if your child has a thick, yellow/green nasal discharge, or has vomited or had diarrhea within the past 24 hours, please text or email your therapist at any time to cancel so that a child from the waiting list may be contacted as early as possible. Child must be symptom-free for 24 hours, without the use of medications including Tylenol. Because we work so closely to your child’s mouth, our concern is not only your child’s health, but also maintaining the health of our staff. We need to be sensitive to the other families in the waiting room as well. Thank you for adhering to this sick policy.


Regular attendance is essential for your child’s growth in therapy. However, there are times when the cancellation of an appointment is necessary. No fee for cancellations made with 24-hour notice. Cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice will be charged at 100%.


Team meetings and school observations are integral to the progress of each student. All meetings, school visit observations, conferences, etc. will be billed at the same hourly rate of therapy.